Our Approach

We could call this heading “Our philosophy” or “Our vision” but let’s be real… We have worked for the big companies and have lived the corporate world, we just didn’t care for the feeling of making the customer fit the mold. Our approach is to find the solution that fits your specific needs, molding our method to fit you.

At Blue Sky Technologies, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of each individual customer and network, allowing us to develop and implement the best solution to meet all your current and future IT needs.

We offer all-encompassing solutions from help desk and end-user support to audits and evaluations; from system and network administration, and project based services, to backup and disaster recovery.

Our Story

People want to know what opportunities we saw or how our passions led us to Blue Sky Technologies. Well, here it goes:

One clear, blue sky day, we were sitting on our deck, enjoying a sangria, appreciating all of life’s splendor. We agreed, then, that the best results in life are made by doing things the right way. For our customers, that means conducting business the most honest way we know. You could say that we found our calling. So, here we are, providing the most reliable and authentic networking solutions to meet your IT needs!

Meet the Founders


Owner+IT Pro/Dad+Husband

Meet Doug, our owner, president, all around IT guru. He does it all, really… he cooks, cleans, works with the local booster clubs, and chamber of commerce, you name it he does it! But he is also all of the smarts behind Blue Sky Technologies. Give Doug a call today, let him find the best solutions to help you with all of your IT needs!


Marketing Pro/Mom+Wife

Meet Karissa, she’s the one in the background making the calls on, well, everything from marketing and website development to logo design. She also keeps the books (and the calendar). Whatever marketing needs you have, let her know, we are here to help you!

Next Steps…

Give us a call, we should meet. We would love to work with you on any (or all) of your IT needs.

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